Donations and expenses : Thank you…

Dear Friends and Supporters of AAP,

Thank you very much for all your help and support. This will go long way in strengthening and AAP-RKR-ballot-fliercleansing our democracy.

This is the list of donors (as of today) who funded our campaign. The names of those who donated directly through our party’s website to our campaign are not listed here. But the funds are transferred to our account from the party. Although we do not have the list of that donors yet, the amount transferred from the party reflects a respectable number of people doing that from the Party’s website.

From the Party account :
Rs. 12,29,470

Individuals contributed directly to our campaign account:

  • Sandesh Kumar – 24775
  • Rajendra – 5100
  • Harsha Ram – 19600
  • Nagaraj Hebbar – 10000
  • Nagaraj N – 10000
  • Nithin and friends : 18000 + 7000
  • Rakesh T – 3300
  • Sunil Dasanagadde – 5000
  • Shanthala Damle – 10000
  • Ramakrishna – 5000
  • BIL1 – 10000
  • BIL2 – 10000
  • CC – 5000
  • Others : 200 + 5000
  • Total = Rs. 1,47,975

Grand total : Rs. 13,77,445

Cash donations (receipts given in most cases) : Approx Rs. 16000+ (Paramesh – 10000, Shashikumar – 2500, Kranti – 500, unknown person on the street who just pushed it to the hands of our volunteers and gone without giving his name – 1000, others – approx 2000+)

This is the rough/initial estimates of our expenses (detailed one will be published later if time permits)

Deposit : Rs. 25000
Printing costs: Rs. 400000 (approx)
Advertisement : Rs. 350000 (approx)
Vehicle rent/diesel : Rs. 250000 (approx) (4 autos, 1 dost, 1 TT, 1 car, 4 jeeps/suvs)
Audio systems : Rs. 100000 (approx)
Food and lodging : Rs. 100000 (approx)
Miscellaneous (banners, caps, bike rally, permissions fee, skill compensations, etc) : Rs. 150000+

Elections can easily be fought within the EC regulated limits if we have a good number of volunteers without resorting to any illegal electoral practices, and still reach each and every voter of the constituency. We were able raise only 20% of the 70 lakhs limit, but we still had a very competitive campaign thanks to our hardcore, committed volunteers. All the praises should go to them who took the message of AAP to the length and breadth of the constituency and I am sure that the voters will recognize that when they go out to vote tomorrow.

Thanks and regards,
Ravi Krishna Reddy

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One Response to “Donations and expenses : Thank you…”

  1. Avinash says:

    Dear Ravikrishna Reddy,

    We are impressed with the manifesto for Bangalore rural. Hope you implement it. We wish you a well deserved victory for our constituency and for the nation. All the very best!!!

    With best wishes and regards,

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