Maulyagraha - Fight for Values and Ethics in Public Life Continues - Demanding fair election practices and enforcement of law on spending limits... ********* Funds collected till now: Rs. 4,22,431 - Expenses - Rs. 4,45,000 (approx)********106 people have donated till now...

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Poll Result: BJP wins Jayanagar Constituency!
BJP - 43164
Congress - 20570
Samiyulla (Independent) - 11882
JD(s) - 10444
Ravi Krishna Reddy - 244 (The candidate who has spent the money raised from the public, who has spent the highest amount in the constiruency as per the records, gets one of the least number of votes!!!)

Letter to the CEO of Karnataka - "Cruel Joke of Election Expenditure Limit and Distortion of Poll Symbol by EC"

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Dear Fellow Citizens of Karnataka,

I am seeking your support for "Values and Ethics in Politics of Karnataka."

I am sure that you have noticed the political tamasha of recent times in Karnataka, and the absolute deterioration of political morality. Power mongering, money, caste and communal frenzy have become the major attributes of electoral....