Volunteer for Bangalore Rural Parliamentary Constituency

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Unless the educated voters take part in the electoral politics actively, donate-buttonwe will continue to see the same kind of corrupt, inefficient, and self-serving politicians at the leadership positions in our beloved state. We can CHANGE this. Please volunteer for good candidates all across the state and make a difference.

Become a Campaign Volunteer for Bangalore Rural Parliamentary Constituency:

You can help us by:

  • Joining our team to campaign
  • Making phone calls to voters, volunteers and donors
  • Hosting house-gatherings and introducing me or our vaap-logoolunteers to your neighbors and friends
  • Introduce me to the RWAs and other citizens’ groups in the constituency
  • Enlisting for helping us at your polling booth on the election day

Please fill-out this form and someone from our campaign will contact you  as soon as possible:


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